Welcome to European Masters!


We here at European Masters strive to establish a strong following of loyal clients who will come to rely on the quality of our pre-owned vehicles as well as the services our team provides. It is on this foundation that we strive to maintain, and even surpass, the quality and service standards by which we operate. That’s why we’re one of the most well-respected pre-owned luxury dealerships in the area, offering the largest indoor showroom in the Northeast.

Our relationship with you does not end with a sale; we will meet your needs to your satisfaction throughout the ownership of your vehicle.

We have our own local service center so we can make sure that your vehicle is taken care of throughout its lifetime. Our service center offers highly skilled technicians, extremely low rates, and speedy service for our customers.

From the moment you speak to a representative to the time you are bringing your vehicle back for regular maintenance, European Masters is committed to delivering excellence with every transaction, communication, and appointment. Whether you’re in for a consultation with a salesperson, a returning customer, or entrust us with regular maintenance of your luxury vehicle, we will strive to provide you with reliable customer care.

At European Masters, we are always working to improve your buying experience with us by keeping our prices very competitive. Visit us today!  http://www.theeuropeanmasters.com/


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