Driving Tips for Increased Efficiency

driving-car woman

For motorists not in the market for a new car, but who want to decrease their carbon footprint, here are some simple changes to lessen the impact of transportation on the environment:

  • Slow down. Decreasing vehicle speed by 10 mph can significantly increase fuel efficiency and decrease the associated carbon dioxide output.
  • Drive at a steady pace and anticipate traffic patterns. Accelerating rapidly then having to brake wastes fuel and causes brakes to wear more quickly.
  • Plan your route in advance. Consolidate trips whenever possible and plan to travel during lighter traffic times.
  • Remove unneeded items from the trunk and avoid using the roof rack. Added weight and air resistance causes more fuel to burn.
  • If your car has an “ECO” setting, use it. It will smooth out your gas pedal inputs, optimize transmission shift points and decrease air conditioners’ impact on the engine.

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