Going Green

car buying

Ways to Make a Difference With Your Vehicle Choices.

Looking to be more eco-friendly with your driving habits and next automobile purchase? Trying to decide if you might be ready for an electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle? Here are some tips to help reduce your carbon footprint and find a ride that’s right for you.

Electric engines, several hybrid options and even traditional internal combustion engines have become more efficient and emit fewer greenhouse gasses. Here’s some information on a variety of vehicle technology options.

Electric Power

2012 has been an exciting year for full-electric vehicles (EV), which do not use gasoline and rely solely on battery power. With the average cost for a kilowatt hour of electric energy at approximately 12 cents, to fully charge an EV with a 24KWh battery pack would cost around $2.88. That works out to between 3.0 cents and 4.4 cents per mile for fuel. With an EV, there is no need for oil changes, ignition system maintenance, fuel system service or exhaust pipe and muffler replacements. A stand-out in this category is the Nissan Leaf.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Fuel economy similar to that of electric vehicles can be realized in plug-in hybrid powertrains. These vehicles use a rechargeable battery pack that allows the car to travel up to 35 miles before the onboard gasoline engine starts. In some cars, this engine will provide power to the drive wheels. In others, the engine powers a generator that delivers power to the motor driving the vehicle, while also recharging the batteries. Unlike fully electric vehicles, a plug-in hybrid is limited only by the range of its gas tank. The Toyota Prius PHEV and 2013 Ford Fusion are great examples of plug-ins in the marketplace today.



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